"Bogema Lingerie" SIA

Bogema Lingerie is a Latvian lingerie trademark with a mission to produce comfortable and elegant underwear for the modern woman.

Bogema Lingerie specializes in underwear for pregnant and nursing mothers, giving particular attention to comfort and gracefulness of the products, because being a mother is a special mission, courage and femininity.

"If we produce, then we do it with top quality, instead of competing with the lowest prices." - Bogema Lingerie manager Svetlana Gaile. Bogema Lingerie underwear is created from soft, eco-friendly materials of top quality, mostly from the western market. The material preparation process is full of innovative technologies, including processing materials with silver ions, amber or coffee, each of which has its own specific purpose and palpable effect when worn.

Bogema Lingerie understands the desire of each woman to be unique, which is why special attention is given to the design value of our models, adapting them to the market requirements. Different collections include Scandinavian-like ascetic models, as well as models with bold combinations of details and colors.

Bogema Lingerie has been in business since 2010 and has already won over the trust of clients and partners in Latvia, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and France.