Lingerie Bras Soft cup bra


  • Nursing bra "Bogema Lingerie"
  • Base color:ivory
  • Article:92110
  • Features:
    Bra with soft cups without frames and with a detachable clip - we recommend buying from 3-4 months of pregnancy.
    - The bra combines comfort and a modern pattern design.
    - It is ideal for every day wear, which allows you to combine the choice of colours for your mood.
    - The bra is intended for both feeding and pregnant mommies.
  • Colors:
  • Sizes:
  • Lose yourself in the essential ivory lace and decadent blue sky color. Each feature is designed to give women the ultimate experience of luxury.
    Wire free soft full cup bra with the panty set, with a pretty lace trims. Special accent in details ivory colour ribbons and handmade rose.

    Bra Benefits:
    • Wire free cup bra
    • Soft padded wide straps for maximum support
    • Soft 100% cotton lined cups
    • Extra length with more hooks and eyes adjustments
    • Power fabric panels for extra support
    • Easy one hand drop cup opening – mummy clips
    • Excellence in details – hand made bows
  • Lining:
    • Cotton (Co) 100%
    Polyester (PES) 90%
    Elastan (EL) 10%
  • Care:
    • Do not bleach
    • Garment may not be commercially drycleaned.
    • Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
    • A machine dryer may not be used. Usually accompanied by an alternate drying method symbol.
    • Garment may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation.

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